slab table collection

Slab tables:  

These are nice and simple.  A slab of wood with two slab legs made out of wood, glass or steel.  We do them out of both single and bookmatched slabs depending on your taste.  Orderable in a bench, coffee table, side table, dining or desk in raw or straight edge.  The piece in the first two photos below is a set of bookmatched monkeypod used as a dining table, the second photo is another dining table out of mango wood with an ebony stain and straight edge, the last photo is a single slab coffee table with a steel slab leg and butterfly joint to re-enforce the crack.

48x16x19h (bench)  - $785

72x16x19h (bench) - $985

60x30x17h (coffee table) - $1450

60x16x33h (console) - $1650

60x34x30h (desk) - $2850

40x96x30h (dining) - $4250

These sizes and prices are to give you an idea of cost.  For example you can have us do the coffee table as a 55"x35"x19"h if you like.  We do everything to order, so if you have specific sizes you need - even if they aren't in the ballpark of those listed above, let us know and we will get you a quote.


Single slab monkeypod dining table with steel slab legs and raw edges.


huge reclaimed monkeypod slab table

large reclaimed monkeypod slab dining table

large reclaimed monkeypod slab dining table brozed leg

Our "U" leg - this leg adds $200 to the standard prices above.

Two highly figured bookmatched monkeypod slabs with wood slab legs, raw edges -  dining table.


Slab coffee tables with wood slab legs (a small and a large one)


Mango wood ebony stain with straight edge dining table.


Monkeypod steel slab bench/coffee table.

Raw edge mango wood bookmatched slabs 10ft dining tabl.


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